MyCCMpro Privacy Statement

Introduction ("MyCCMpro") is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy. Your private information will be regarded with the utmost respect and will never be sold or rented to a third party. We recognize that when you choose to provide us with information about yourself, you trust us to act in a responsible manner. This Privacy Policy is accessible from throughout our website and is supplied to all MyCCMpro staff.

The MyCCMpro internet site also provides links to non-MyCCMpro Internet sites we believe may be of interest to you. These sites are provided as a convenience and are beyond our control. You are strongly advised to check the privacy policies of those sites before providing your personal information.

  1. Privacy Policy

    Because MyCCMpro wants to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy, we have agreed to publish our information practices. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact us promptly.

  2. Notice and Purpose

    Our website business objective is to deliver content tailored to the products most applicable to your position, the role you play in your organization, and your specific preferences. We will at times request personal information in order to provide you with relevant content, fulfill your specific requests and enhance your experience across our website. The information collected and how it is used may vary across the site. This privacy policy is our method of informing you how we collect information, what we collect it for, and what choices you may have.

  3. Note to Minors

    Please note that our Internet site does not market to children. We do not want to collect any personal information from minors under any circumstances. We ask that minors (under age 13) refrain from using our website. Anyone using this website or the services warrants and promises that they are 13 years of age or older.

  4. Organization Collecting Data

    When you are on the website and are asked for personal information, you are providing that information to MyCCMpro alone, unless specifically stated otherwise. Your list(s) will not be solicited or shared to any third parties. If for any reason that your list(s) becomes a subject to any type of investigation by the government and if in-turn the government inquires for your list(s), MyCCMpro will have to share your list(s) to the authorities to comply with the state and federal law.

  5. Types of Data Collection

    MyCCMpro collects data from website users in four main ways.

    1. Online forms and registration screens
    2. Transaction records derived from online purchases
    3. E-mail sent to MyCCMpro from users
    4. Automated means such as communications protocols and cookies

    MyCCMpro may receive data from you as part of the communication connection itself; that is the standard electronic greeting between your computer, the network, and our servers. This information often consists of network routing (where you came from), equipment information (browser type), date and time. Our server will also query your computer to see if there are "cookies" previously created in a prior website session. These cookies are used to facilitate return visits, identify duplicate content, reduce data entry, streamline log-in processing, preserve order information between sessions, allow users to personalize content and enhance website navigation. Cookies on the site may collect the following information: a unique identifier, user preferences and profile information used to personalize the content that is shown, and authentication information used to access MyCCMpro's CRM application. While the MyCCMpro website does not offer an opt-out option for cookies, browsers do provide you with information and control over cookies. You can set your web browser to alert you when a cookie is being used or you can configure your browser to not allow cookies. To learn more about cookies and browser functionality relating to cookies please search for "cookies" in the help function of your browser.

    In an effort to provide users the most relevant website content and marketing materials, we may also use embedded pixel technologies to help track site usage and marketing campaign responsiveness. These technologies are used on selected pages for the purposes of identifying unique user visits as opposed to aggregate hits. The site usage information collected by these technologies is associated with cookies and may provide personally identifiable information about site use by registered users. This information is used to evaluate site content, navigability and composition as well as page response rates.

  6. Data Collected and How It Is Used

    MyCCMpro collects information from website users for the following purposes:

    1. To respond to user inquiries and requests for information. This information includes user demographic and contact data and is used to fulfill the requests and registrations for sales literature, collaterals, newsletters, correspondence and specific requests generally related to company, product or services information. Requests are subject to the general opt-out elections.
    2. To engage in commerce transactions or communications. Name, address, e-mail, subscriber details, and credit card and payment information may be collected and stored as part of the procurement transaction history. The majority of the information collected under this category is business contact information. MyCCMpro may need to share some of this information (such as address and payment) with delivery services, credit card clearing houses and other similarly situated third parties that are required to accomplish the transaction.
    3. To better tailor marketing to user needs. We may use information from purchases and requirements to provide you with more pertinent notices of product releases and service developments that address your needs and requirements. Marketing notices are subject to the general opt-out elections.
    4. To better respond to requests for service or quotes for product or professional services. MyCCMpro may forward contact information to the appropriate MyCCMpro sales person or business partner for follow-up related to your request. These responses are subject to the general opt-out elections
    5. To provide online trial product access. Users who apply to access the online demonstration company may be contacted to verify authentication, provide instruction or confirm successful operation. These communications are not subject to the general opt-out without being denied access to the trial system
    6. To register or subscribe to the MyCCMpro hosted CRM service. When users subscribe to MyCCMpro's CRM hosted service, they will supply a company information and user information. This information is used to provision and configure a production CRM system for the user. This information is not subject to opt-out without being denied access to the hosted service.
    7. To access the MyCCMpro hosted CRM service. When users access MyCCMpro's CRM hosted service, they will supply a company identifier, user identifier and password. This information is used for authentication and security restriction. The password may be changed upon the user's request. These authentication elements are not subject to opt-out without being denied access to the hosted service.
    8. As a result of your use of the MyCCMpro hosted CRM service. MyCCMpro customers may enter information related to their employees, vendors, or customers using MyCCMpro hosted services. As a result of this hosted systems relationship, MyCCMpro may process some of this information, but does not control the information collection or use practices related to this information. MyCCMpro merely provides the relevant hosting or application software and support services related to storage of the information. MyCCMpro makes no independent use of the information outside of what is needed to provide the hosting service, professional services, and support or to complete specific actions requested by the customer.
    9. To address system upgrades. Software patches, fixes and enhancements (collectively "upgrades") are developed by MyCCMpro on a recurring basis. We may communicate the availability of these upgrades to registered owners of software and parties who have identified themselves to us as users or developers. These communications will not contain marketing messages and will not be subject to general opt-out elections, due to the potential importance of deliveries.j
    10. As a result of legal requirements. MyCCMpro may be legally required to provide personally identifiable information to comply with legally mandated reporting, disclosure or other legal process requirements. Such disclosure is not subject to opt-out.
  7. Opt-out Election

    MyCCMpro recognizes that users may not wish to be contacted about new or existing products or services. allows you to opt-out of e-mail marketing that may result from use of the site. These choices may be made as part of the registration process, from links in email mailings or by contacting us and stating your opt-out intention in the subject or body of the letter. Please write an opt-out request letter and fax to (206) 338-3668. Your request will be quickly acted upon once we receive your fax letter. There are a few limited exceptions to the opt-out process. These exceptions include: certain patch, fix and enhancement notifications and certain billing or invoicing notices to select existing

  8. Information Sharing

    MyCCMpro does not share personal information collected from with third parties except as necessary to carry out our business or as required by law or other legal processes, and we do not sell your personal information. MyCCMpro viewers may contact MyCCMpro or request information without fear of outside solicitations.

  9. Security

    MyCCMpro is concerned with the security of the personal data we collect and has put in place reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to that information. These measures include policies, procedures, and technical elements relating to data access controls. MyCCMpro uses standard security protocols and mechanisms to exchange the transmission of sensitive data such as credit card details. While we make every effort to ensure the security and integrity of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent third-party "hackers" from illegally obtaining this information.

  10. Policy Updates

    MyCCMpro is sensitive to user's privacy issues and recognizes the need to update this policy as new features, content and business practices evolve. MyCCMpro reserves the right to amend the privacy policy at any time with or without notice. Please periodically review our Privacy Policy to verify any updates or changes to the policy. You may want to review this policy for changes each time you access the MyCCMpro website.

  11. Contact MyCCMpro

    Our goal is to respect your privacy. We welcome comments and questions. To help us improve our privacy policies, please don't hesitate to provide us your feedback. Please contact us for any questions, concerns, or issues.